Good lord. That enormous close-up of my face is disturbing. Isn’t it? That picture’s gotta go. I mean, who really needs to be able to see my face in that much detail? I’m not sure why that’s the image that greets you on this page, but at least there will be no pretense about what I look like.

I’m AJ Powell, and I’m a leader, teacher, IT consultant and public speaker by day, and a writer, magician, and game designer by night. You may know me from … well, nothing really. My novel for young adults called GRAYSON RISING, was only recently released, and it’s hard to get your hands on the limited quantity of the TABLETOP GAMES I’ve designed. I perform original comedy stage illusions monthly at THE COMEDY PROJECT, too; but odds are good that you DON’T know me. You’re just here because you clicked on a link from one of my blog posts or social media accounts.

By day, I work as a DIRECTOR, MANAGER, STRATEGIC CONSULTANT and LEADER for an amazing company called OPEN SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES (OST). We provide IT consulting ranging from human-centered design, through application and mobile application development and IoT services, all the way to datacenter management and support. We’re pretty well-known for our employee-first culture, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. On my best days, I get to talk about software development, the evolving face of the “app” industry, culture as strategy, and/or the coming robot apocalypse, while helping a team of nearly 100 be the best versions of themselves they can be.

By night, I work as a COMEDIAN, MAGICIAN, WRITER and GAME DESIGNER. I’ve crafted a number of original illusions, I’ve written a few published plays, short stories, and a couple of full-length novels. I’ve designed tabletop games, card games, and computer-based games. I’ve worked as an artist on other people’s games, and hired artists to work on mine. I guess you could say I’m a jack of all trades. And a master of none.

But … I’m pretty good in front of a crowd.
So that counts for something. Right?