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July 11, 2023

Okay. Sure. The Podcast is still in production … but that didn’t stop me from launching a website! This is where we’ll be housing the episodes and details for Fallen Angel. Check it out at

March 22, 2023

A quick announcement – I’m hard at work on the production of a new true crime podcast called Fallen Angel. More details coming soon!

December 2, 2022

Heading to NYC sometime this spring? Why not spend some time in Greenwich Village, at the longest-running weekly magic show on or off Broadway! Click here for more details … and maybe I’ll see you there!

October 15, 2022

I’m excited to announce a new addition to the Powell family. An abandoned ruby-eyed white rabbit named Teach. No word on whether or not Teach intends to pursue a career in magic; for now we’re just happy to have him.

September 2, 2022

As the world starts to open up again, and live performance is on the comeback, why not see the (Sort of) Amazing AJ at one of the following shows: September 5 September 19 October 3

July 26, 2022

I am delighted to have been asked to speak at the 2022 Beer City Code event on August 6, 2022. Many of you know I am in the process of relocating to the East Coast but FEAR NOT! I’ve made arrangements to fly in, dazzle y’all, and still be back to NYC by Monday. The…

October 18, 2021

It’s been a while since I premiered a new illusion, but it’s happening! At Fulton Street Market. Three shows. 5 PM, 7 PM and 9 PM. House of Cards. Buy tickets and learn more by clicking this link.

May 30, 2021

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in virtual lockdown for over a year now. It’s hard to believe, for the first time in my life, there were NO FANS allowed at last year’s Indy 500. It’s hard to believe the world’s opening up again. It’s hard to believe, after all we’ve been through in…

April 28, 2021

Hey y’all! I’m excited to announce I’ll be officially joining GR Crime Tours, providing storytelling, ambiance, and more Grand Rapids history than you can shake a corpse at, beginning this summer. I’ll post dates for my tours once we’ve got it sorted out. Until then, check our GR Crime Tours for more information:

March 25, 2021

We got the call today that there was room in the schedule for my wife and I to get our first doses of the Pfizer vaccine. We said ‘heck yeah’, of course, and ran down to the amazingly-well-organized DeVos Center. In and out in 30 minutes. Amazingly efficient. Amazingly easy. Both the Powell kids have…