Grayson Rising

The blurb for my novel, Grayson Rising:

After nearly sixteen years of life, exactly one extraordinary thing has happened to her: her father died. It was a plane crash, an event that she somehow believes is her fault. That’s impossible, though. Isn’t it? An eight-year-old girl couldn’t bring down a plane. Could she?

Grayson Guinness is wrong about a lot of things. She’s had an unlikely, impossible life, and her mother has worked aggressively to keep that from her. It hasn’t been easy, but then the right thing hardly ever is.

Now there are people coming for her. A boy named Reilly seems to always be around, and there are men in gray asking questions about her. She can’t go home, and she doesn’t know where else to go.

Who is Grayson Guinness?
She better figure out fast.

GRAYSON RISING charts the first ten days of the rest of her life.