iPowerINDY / TEAM1911

I’m passionate about INDYCAR. Really passionate about INDYCAR. Not just because I was born and raised just outside of the Brickyard, also because INDYCAR might just be the greatest sport on Earth.

I am the commissioner of one of the largest fan leagues on the Internet (over 6,000 active participants strong in 2019), and I am the President of the iPowerINDY organization (a grassroots effort to bring a fan-sponsored car into the INDYCAR series), sometimes called Team 1911 (the official brand of our sponsorship organization).

Our goals:

  1. Fan sponsorship (with annual investments as low as $100).
  2. Fan engagement (partnering with drivers and teams to bring fans into the action in new and unexpected ways, including once-in-a-lifetime fan-only experiences).
  3. Fan recognition (our logo is constructed from the names of every one of our supports, and every supporter receives a photocopy of the car, highlighting their name).

We ran a proof-of-concept test with reasonable success in 2019, partnering with AJ Foyt Racing (and with amazing help from Larry Foyt himself), and we’ve been working since then to find a partner and opportunity to bring the thing to scale. We’re working hard to set up the details for an “official” 2024 soft launch, and official sponsorship as a season-long sponsor for the 2025-2026 INDYCAR season.

Want to learn more?
Reach out to me.