If you’re not sure what you’re seeing in that picture, let me explain it to you. That’s my daughter and I in the orchestra for a performance of Hamilton: An American Musical; Lin-Manuel Miranda’s amazing, hip-hop-infused bio-musical on the life of Alexander Hamilton (and the founding of our nation).

You can tell from our faces, we consider ourselves ridiculously fortunate to have had the chance to see the show. Suffice it to say that Hamilton is everything you might hope or dream for it to be. Rest assured, no matter your politics (or your race), you will be moved.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is everything I have ever hoped to be as a writer and a storyteller. He has, in one bold stroke, captured something that is beautiful, epic, and relevant. Something that is important, moving, and gentle. Something that speaks to everyone in a voice so kind, so compassionate, so gentle that you’re barely aware that it’s there.

I cried like a baby for most of the second act. Fortunately, my daughter brought tissues, so I could dab away my tears before we bumped into Daveed Diggs in the lobby.

How did I get this life?

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