It’s official.

After almost FIVE YEARS, we’re finally here. As I type these words, they’re printing copies of GRAYSON RISING somewhere, preparing our first print run, cutting and trimming pages, boxing up copies, and whatever else they do to make a book happen.

I’ve reviewed a final production proof. I’ve stepped through the copy that’ll be used to market the book. I’ve reviewed the marketing and promotional plan with the publisher and with my editors, and … it’s official.

On October 17, 2016, GRAYSON RISING will be released.

I don’t know what to do with myself — I’m one part shocked, one part dumbfounded. It’s been my dream for so long, and now were’ finally here. If you’re in the greater Grand Rapids area and you’d like to take part in our “Friends & Family” book launch party, feel free to sign up. It’s by invitation only, but just about anybody can get an invitation.

Here’s how:

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