Other Stuff

I’ve always got a half-dozen or so projects in the works. If you care (and I mean, if you really really care), here’s a look at my current projects-in-progress:

  • I’m a regular performer at The Comedy Project’s Comedy Outlet Mondays, a weekly improv show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Don’t worry. I’m not doing stand-up. I do improvisation magic, which is probably nothing you’ve seen before. Original illusions, performed improvisationally. It’s usually at least mildly entertaining.
  • I’m working with a talented group of artists from Kendall College of Art and Design to create a new, educational card game (tentatively titled POWDER KEG!). It’s a revolutionary war game, and it’s an amazing undertaking. What a bunch of talented young artists! Oh, and that’s not all! We’re doing a simultaneous history research project with the 7th graders from The Museum School to learn more about the people, places, and events that make up the revolution. This is probably my most-collaborative project ever. More coming soon.
  • I’m working to mount a stage production of my second original stageplay in Grand Rapids. It’s looking like we’ve got a sponsor lined up, Look for more details, coming soon, as we get the cast, crew, and performance dates ironed out for a Winter 2020 premiere.
  • I’m hard at work on two new games-in-progress (a Robot Apocalypse-themed game and a Tiger King-themed zoo management game), trying hard to get a rough draft of my Mary Shelley musical complete, and working in my free time on Grayson Falls, the sequel to my YA novel, Grayson Rising, while also trying to complete the first draft of my robot/love story/passion project, The God of Green Peppers.  It’s a lot of things to be working on all at once, but then that’s what I do.