Shelter in Place

I’ve been working for a while on a new stageplay, and we’re finally in a position that we can talk about it. It’s called SHELTER IN PLACE, and I’ve got a whole website dedicated to the production. We’re working through the details to mount the show at Dog Story Theater this summer.

How do you say goodby to your father?
For Bowie Jones and his siblings, Barry and Bysshe, it’s been fifteen long years since their father’s tragic death, and each deals with their grief in their own way. SHELTER IN PLACE deals with a single evening, when the family gathers to remember their father, and to try, one more time, to say goodbye.

When you lose someone you love, it feels like the end of the world.
SHELTER IN PLACE is an exploration of human love, grief, and spirit, but it’s also an examination of how we react when the world seems to be ending. As dinner progresses, the world outside the house — the real world — begins to fall apart. Literally and metaphorically, sometimes all you can do is SHELTER IN PLACE.

Time heals all wounds. Laughter helps.
SHELTER IN PLACE brings humor and humanity, life and laughter to the stage, painting a diverse cast of quick-witted characters who explore their lives with wisdom and with wit. It’s an uplifting show that celebrates what makes us human, even in the face of grief. A comic drama full of honesty and compassion, SHELTER IN PLACE will leave you thinking, feeling, and thankful to be alive.

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