Tabletop Games

I’ve got a small collection of tabletop games which were designed and built by me (sometimes with help from my kids, often with playtesting support from my tabletop gaming friends). Click one of the links below to learn more (and/or purchase the game).

Welcome to the Revolution

It’s one part history lesson and one part WAR! It’s my tribute to the American Revolution, imagined as a fast-paced card game. Recruit patriots into your tavern as you attempt to change the world, but watch out for King George III (and your fellow players, who’ll do anything to stop you). Duels! Drama! Legendary figures from the American Revolution! All packed in an easy-to-transport, easy-to-learn battlin’ card game.

2-4 PLAYERS | 30 MINUTES | $14.99 | LEARN MORE

Welcome to the Revolution – 
Alexander Hamilton Booster Pack

I made Welcome to the Revolution, and then came HAMILTON, the musical. I responded in the only way that made sense for me, my game-playing friends, and my family. I created a booster pack for Welcome to the Revolution that adds in all of your favorites from the Hamilton story, including Hercules Mulligan, Maria Reynolds, and George Washington’s Cat (plus new artifacts and events drawn from Hamilton’s life, as depicted in HAMILTON. You gotta have the base game to play, but it’s an easy, seamless addition to the base game.



Compete against fellow cosplayers to try to become a Cosplay Superstar. Using a variety of cards and events you gather flair for your costume, then compete in tournaments to advance you rank. First player to “Superstar” status wins! COSPLAY: The Game was built from the ground up by Cosplayers for Cosplayers, and you’ll recognize many items parodying your favorite fandoms. It’s easy to lear and play and incredibly portable; it’s a perfect game for the whole family to enjoy.

2-4 PLAYERS | 30 MINUTES | $14.99 | LEARN MORE

We’re (Probably) All Gonna Die

One of my more ambitious games, We’re (Probably) All Gonna Die is a high-concept cooperative game for 3-10 players, played in real time. You and your team members have between 30 and 60 minutes to divine clues, create word associations, and create code words based on uniquely human fads, trends, events and ideas. Oh yeah. And some of you are actually (secretly) working against you and your friends. Good times. Good luck! (Don’t die.)

3-10 PLAYERS | 30-60 MINUTES | $24.99 | LEARN MORE

King of the Zoo

Here’s my latest project. It’s not done, but it’s getting close. We’re calling it King of the Zoo, and it’s a fast-paced zoo management game where you and your friends compete to build the most exciting, exotic, and eclectic zoo you can. Trade wild animals. Recruit fascinating characters. Build one-of-a-kind attractions. Oh. And sabotage each other, too.

2-4 PLAYERS | 60 MINUTES | $29.99 | COMING SOON!