Cosplay: The Game

Cosplay: An Amazing Competitive Card Game!

In COSPLAY: THE GAME, you compete against fellow cosplayers to try to become a Cosplay Superstar. Using a variety of cards and events you gather flair for your costume, then compete in tournaments to advance you rank. First player to “Superstar” status wins!

A game built from the ground up by Cosplayers for Cosplayers, you’ll recognize many items inspired by your favorite fandoms. Choose your fandom (Video Games, Anime & TV, Steampunk or Super Heros), then work to gather flair before the competition.

Easy to learn and play and incredibly portable, it’s a perfect game for the whole family.

This game has truly been a labor of love for the PLAYMORE family, with original, hand-drawn artwork, a comic-book look-and-feel, and exciting gameplay that is both clever and competitive, it’s sure to great fun for the convention-goers and cosplayers in your circle of friends.

Wanna give it a try? Nobody’s died from playing our games. Yet. Click the link below to purchase a copy for $14.99 + $6.99 shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada. (Need international shipping? Please contact me directly.)

2-4 PLAYERS | 30 MINUTES | $14.99