We’re (Probably) All Gonna Die

Save the world. Or die trying.

In We’re (Probably) All Gonna Die, you and your friends work together to try to save yourselves (and all of humanity) from the impending robot apocalypse in a cooperative (and secretly competitive) strategy/puzzle/word game that as weird, unique, and infinitely replayable.

Working your way through five rounds, you’ll unlock keywords, create passkeys, validate clues, deploy your countermeasure and attend the Robot Council meeting to plead for humanity’s right to exist, all while a 60-minute timer slowly ticks away your fate.

Save the world!
(Or die trying.)

There’s so much in this box! Weird 3D-printed artifacts. Dry erase surfaces. Timers. Secret role cards. odd human artifacts. There’s a whole post-apocalyptic world in this box! It’s $25 well spent.

To give you a feel for the game (and the style of the game), take a look at the first two pages of the “survivor’s guide” (user manual), below:

Want to play the game? Yes. Yes, you do. You want to play. Your friends want to play. The robots want to play. Click the link below to purchase a copy for $24.99 + $6.99 shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada. (Need international shipping? Please contact me directly.)

3-10 PLAYERS | 30-60 MINUTES | $24.99