A few words about me

My name is
Andrew Powell

You probably don't know me, but you've seen and played with things I've created, works I've enhanced, projects I've made better, and/or productions I've engineered, produced or co-produced.

They say a good bio is written in the third person. I don’t know who “they” are or how “they” know this, but I believe them. I tried it. It didn’t work. I think at least part of why it felt so artificial is that this website was designed and constructed by me to reflect who I am; as a creator, a producer, and an engineer. If I suddenly switched to the third person here, what would that accomplish? And who would you, the reader, assume had written it? Nah. If a good bio is written in the third person, then this won’t be a good bio. (Use the “contact me” form below to lodge a formal complaint.)

I’m Andrew Powell — sometimes AJ, sometimes Andrew, but never Andy. I make things. I am a producer, director, and writer. I am a magician, a public speaker, and a consultant. I work. A lot. I travel. As often as I can.

Mostly, though, I make things. And make things better. All sort of things. You can see examples on my homepage and on my shop page, but those are just things I own the rights to. Most of my work is behind the scenes, and my efforts are obfuscated intentionally. I’ve written books, plays, and musicals. I’ve staged full variety shows and produced multiple staged productions. I’ve crafted illusions (for others to perform) and crafted a new genre of magic (improvised illusion) which I won a couple of awards for. I’ve created and/or been hired to overhaul multiple tabletop games and have licensed games of my design to an international distributor or two. I solve tough problems using technology, tenacity, and good comic timing.

An incredibly incomplete list:


  • The Monster and Mary
  • Grayson Rising
  • Grayson Falls
  • The God of Green Peppers
  • Goodbye, Barbie
  • Archemedes, Falling
  • Unsettled
  • How the Ginge Stole Christmas
  • I am a Monster
  • Shelter in Place
  • The Bullet


  • Cosplay: The Game
  • We're (Probably) All Gonna Die
  • CODE:Compile
  • Welcome to the Revolution!
  • PowderKeg!
  • My Little Pony (Apocalypse)
  • Con Artist
  • Conquest
  • Burger Meister
  • Medallion Status


  • The Connector
  • The Robot Apocalypse And You
  • Software is Magic!
  • Silent and Deadly
  • Unsettled (Live)
  • The Jeff Goldblum Effect
  • A Horse's Ass Defines the Future (and other Stories)
  • Why Magic Matters

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