AJ Powell
Makes Things.

A writer, director, producer, and designer, AJ Powell has been crafting originals for more than 40 years. His portfolio includes plays, performance pieces, novels, tabletop games, and original audiovisual illusions, crafted for himself and others.

Releasing in 2024

Announcing our collaboration
with Vestoland Games

The paperwork is signed, so I can officially make the announcement!
AJ Powell has signed an exclusive European manufacturing agreement with Vestoland Games, in the Netherlands, to private-label and produce AJ's portfolio of tabletop games for sale and distribution across Europe. We'll be working on refreshing the designs (and translating the instructions) for our full portfolio in the coming days, weeks, and months; look for more details on this homepage (and find links to purchase them here).

Coming in 2024


What if there was a new show, coming to Broadway this fall, and what if it starred the incomparable Patti LuPone alongside the legendary Mia Farrow? That'd be pretty big news. It's called The Roommate, and it's the most-exciting project currently consuming my time.

Produced in 2024


An examination of truth in a post-truth era, The Connector stares deeply into the intersection between ambition and talent, and between objective and absolute truth. It's got some honestly 'magical' audio-visuals tricks, too.

Produced in 2023

is Magic

One part lecture, one part magic show - Software is Magic examines how designers and engineers can apply the skills of magicians to make unforgettable user experiences. Delivered as a keynote at WebDevCon 2023.

Produced in 2022


What do you do if you're gay, proud, and only wear black? That's the dilemma the I went about solving with the (Wretched) Rainbow line. Launched in 2022; re-launched in June of 2024.

Produced in 2021

We're (Probably)
All Gonna Die!

A high-energy secret role game set in the not-too-distant future and focussed squarely on defining what makes a human a human. Designed by me. (Absolutely NO robots involved).

Produced in 2020

I Am A

A staged examination of the human experience, told through the lens of monsters (both real and fictional). Performed to sold-out audiences at The Comedy Project in Grand Rapids, MI.

Produced in 2019


A staged adaptation of my award-winning Unsettled lecture, expands the conceit to include elements of illusion, comedy, and audiovisual trickery to help to illustrate and illuminate our fascination with the unsettling. Featuring an amazing, international cast of performers to multi-night standing room only crowds.

Published in 2016


A coming-of-age novel about a young girl who discovers the world is more magical than she'd ever have imagined, Grayson Rising is an action-packed adventure exploring what defines us, what control we have in who we are, and what it looks like to own the decisions that determine what happens next.

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